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"Certainly he is still the most important writer alive" - Harold Bloom, 2011

Orbit: Writing Around Pynchon is an Open Access, peer reviewed e-journal of scholarly work pertaining to the writings of Thomas Pynchon.

The journal aims to publish high quality, rigorously reviewed and innovative scholarly material on the works of Thomas Pynchon, related authors and adjacent fields, free-of-charge at all stages (no OA fees or subscriptions costs) by being a Gold, Libre Open Access journal. We aim to review and publish material received within five months by abandoning the traditional “issue” model in favour of a rolling system and to, consequentially, fare well under research assessment metrics.

Editors: Dr. Martin Paul Eve, Dr. Samuel Thomas, Dr. Sascha Pöhlmann, Dr. Simon de Bourcier and Dr. Doug Haynes



Call For Papers: David Foster Wallace Special Issue

Following his death in 2008, David Foster Wallace's literary reputation has been firmly consolidated.  We can now talk about a distinct sub-discipline called Wallace Studies, as evidenced by the growing number of books, conferences, and journal articles on the writer, and enhanced by the publication of a posthumous novel and the establishment of an archive of his papers at the Harry Ransom Centre.  Wallace's writing, both fiction and non-fiction, has helped to map the critical territory for debates on contemporary literature that have been taking place in both academic and non-academic settings.
We are pleased to announce that Orbit: Writing Around Pynchon –an open access, peer reviewed e-journal of scholarly work pertaining to the writings of Thomas Pynchon, related authors, and adjacent fields– will publish a special issue dedicated to David Foster Wallace.
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Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

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George William Twigg
Kathryn Hume
Sean M. Carswell